How To Buy

About Our Services

NS is a professional developer and manufacturer for industrial computers products.Superior quality and excellent customer service are our major focus.We committed to providing customers better products and services and willing to devoting itself to the development and progress of the industry field.


 We primarily communicate via email.If you have any question,feel free to send an email to You can also fill out an inquiry form online.

However,if an urgent matter is at hand,you can reach us via Skype,WhatsApp,or WeChat.You’ll have better chances of getting a quick response there.

Points of Sale

Unfortunately,our only point of sale is in China,our home country.If you need help,contact us ,we’ll try to find someone near you to help you out.

Types of Industrial Solutions

Here ,we offer a wide variety of industrial computers products depending on your needs and requirements.

At the moment,our selection includes the follows:

  • Embedded Industrial PC
  • Industrial Panel PC
  • Rack/Wall Mounted PC
  • Industrial Display
  • Handheld PC
  • Robot Controller
  • IPC Accessorie


Unfortunately,we can’t provide direct support for installations outside of China. There are installation instructions on website to download.But we supply direct installation service for the whole set of products outside of China.

NStech Business Protocol

First if all,we don’t impose a minimum order quantity on our products.In other words,you can order a single unit if you want.

If your order is a part of a larger project,you can send all the relevant project details to us,and we’ll respond with a detailed solution suggestion.Furthermore,if you need advice on how to design your solution,we can help you out.Whatever your inquiry might be,you can expect an answer from us within 24 hours.

Quotes and Estimates

After we analyze your request,we’ll send you either a quote or an estimate,depending on the complexity of the solution.In addition,we’ll send data sheets or any other reference files upon your request.

Payment Options

Once we go through all the details and confirm your order,it’s time for the payment.Depending on your location,you can pay via T/T,Western Union,PayPal,or L/C.

Shipment Preparation

Once we receive your payment,we’ll star preparing your order.In some cases,we’ll have everything in stock,and your order will be ready to be shipped within 48 hours.However,most orders take at least seven business days.If you have a really big order,it may take up 20 days.

Additionally,we test all our products for 24 hours before shipping.


We pack all our products in export packing standard to ensure safe shipping. Furthermore,depending on your business practice,we support EXW,FOB,CIF,CRF,DDP,and DDU trade terms.

We will provide any documentation necessary for the order to reach your destination.No matter if you need an invoice,airway bill,landing bill,CO,Form E,Form F,CCVO,SASO,or a package list,we have you covered.